Sixty Second News Flash

Today is World Refugee Day.

As I was reading through hundreds of tweets offering support to the victims of displacement, be it through war, famine or persecution etc, I came across the following picture.

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Stop Hate for Hates sake

To people sharing the below picture of the muslim woman and thinking she doesn’t care about because she’s on her phone, I want to tell you something;

Last month I had the unfortunate scenario of seeing a women bleed to death in the middle of Wolverhampton high street during Hurricane Doris.

When a person is dying in front of you you are limited to what you can do.

Option 1: Try to revive them.

But if there’s already someone doing this then you can’t help.

Option 2: Get Away.

You run away in case you become the next victim. You might not know why they’ve died and you want to protect yourself.

Option 3: You call family/friends to make sure they’re ok and to stay away.

I speak from personal experience, what she’s doing in that picture isn’t wrong. There’s already people trying to revive him so she can’t help there. Also to her He might die (he did), she probably doesn’t want the image of a dead body stuck in her head like I have.

Stop spreading hate for hates sake.



Before I get into this post I first want to state that I am Agnostic.

My belief is that we can not categorically say there isn’t an afterlife, but nor can we absolutely say there is an afterlife and considering we can’t answer these questions until we’re dead why worry about it? As long as we continue to do good during our lives we are covered if there is an afterlife.

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