Blood, Blisters and Back Pain

Let’s make all those MPs who voted against the law change forcing women to work in highheels if their boss tells them to walk around in high heels for a week.

Let’s see how quick they are to change this rule when the backs are cutting in their heels and their toes are being squashed at the bottom.

Blisters, Blood and Back pain to pay the bills.
I had to wear a pair of these for an hour as a joke at secondary school and they killed my feet. Barely lasted the hour.


Don’t be Fooled By Andy Street

Today I got home from work to a booklet from the government.

This May in the West Midlands, UK we have the election for the first Mayor of the West Midlands.

I took off my bag, opened the letter and began to read. Every party has a nice two page spread where they outline their points and policies. I work for a Design company so I inadvertently found myself admiring the aesthetic layout of rival parties spread. Continue reading