Completely disgusted by Donald Trump’s comments about transgender people in the military.

It is abhorrent a head of state in one of the most powerful countries in the Western world can promote discrimination like this.

The discrimination Transgender people face is vile, and now they are facing it by a leader of the ‘free world’, just because they want to join the military and serve their country.

We must stand United.


Don’t Blame The Victims

With the attack on a mosque in Finsbury Park by Darren Osbourne, I found myself reading all the reactions online, including those of Former EDL leader, Tommy Robinson.

Throughout his video he makes a fair point that he is not inciting violence against any muslims. He slanders the man who performed this attack and states he is abiding by the democratic process. Whilst my views on Tommy Robinson are that I really don’t like the guy, I’m not going to ignore the fact he condemned attacks on muslims.

I disagreed with 80% of what he had to say, but the moment I realised what type of mentality this man has came at the end of his Facebook live stream.

Tommy Robinson;

 In fact I feel many leaders of the muslim community you should have been doing things about this the last 20 years. You should have been tackling this. Once, what you’ve now created in this country is a sectarian conflict. It’s not going to go away. It’s not going to away

Tommy Robinson has somehow turned this vile attack around to blame the victims.

He is no worse than The Sun.

No one deserves to be mowed down in the street, regardless of their culture.

I am not naive that known terrorists have been radicalised in mosques. Again, like thousands have said before me, this is a sickening interpretation of Islams core moral values being carried out by a few twisted individuals.

But victim blaming?

The imam who apprehend the attacker in this instance told everyone not to hurt him and wait until the police arrived.

If a so-called Muslim where to have said something like you just said if the attack had happened outside of a church you would be following them around with your smartphone, after a soundbite, and calling them scum.

I’m going to be abused online for this post. I’ll be surprised if I’m not. But it’s unacceptable to blame the victims.

You don’t blame a woman for getting raped, or a child for getting abused so don’t blame victims when a member of their culture has just been mowed down in front of them.

Tommy Robinson is saying that he isn’t inciting violence, and from what i’ve seen he hasn’t directly done that. But he’s creating a dangerous culture. One where he thinks the vigilantism of following people around with a camera is safe and where victim blaming is a way to get to the ‘root of the problem’.

In the long run that is going to cause problems.

Please don’t victim blame.


Tory 2020 – A Poem

The year’s 2020
The NHS is long gone
But who cares about health when you can see The Bake Offs new scone?

The dementia tax succeeded
There’s more dead on our sheets
But who cares about age when you can still watch Coronation street?

Brexit has failed
Bojo fucked up
But who cares about trade when you’ve got the world cup?

Who cares about our country
When we’ve got tv
In the new land of the lost, no one is free

Blood, Blisters and Back Pain

Let’s make all those MPs who voted against the law change forcing women to work in highheels if their boss tells them to walk around in high heels for a week.

Let’s see how quick they are to change this rule when the backs are cutting in their heels and their toes are being squashed at the bottom.

Blisters, Blood and Back pain to pay the bills.
I had to wear a pair of these for an hour as a joke at secondary school and they killed my feet. Barely lasted the hour.


Don’t be Fooled By Andy Street

Today I got home from work to a booklet from the government.

This May in the West Midlands, UK we have the election for the first Mayor of the West Midlands.

I took off my bag, opened the letter and began to read. Every party has a nice two page spread where they outline their points and policies. I work for a Design company so I inadvertently found myself admiring the aesthetic layout of rival parties spread. Read More


The news talks about the ‘debate over immigration’ but there is no debate.

If you want immigration control you’re a Nazi.

If you don’t want immigration control you’re a Special Snowflake.

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Stop Hate for Hates sake

To people sharing the below picture of the muslim woman and thinking she doesn’t care about because she’s on her phone, I want to tell you something;

Last month I had the unfortunate scenario of seeing a women bleed to death in the middle of Wolverhampton high street during Hurricane Doris.

When a person is dying in front of you you are limited to what you can do.

Option 1: Try to revive them.

But if there’s already someone doing this then you can’t help.

Option 2: Get Away.

You run away in case you become the next victim. You might not know why they’ve died and you want to protect yourself.

Option 3: You call family/friends to make sure they’re ok and to stay away.

I speak from personal experience, what she’s doing in that picture isn’t wrong. There’s already people trying to revive him so she can’t help there. Also to her He might die (he did), she probably doesn’t want the image of a dead body stuck in her head like I have.

Stop spreading hate for hates sake.

Yertle the Turtle

Since I got interested in politics over six years ago I’ve read over three hundred books on the subject.

I’ve read everything from Marx’s Das Kapital to Hitlers Mein Kampf and have spent countless hours studying historical politics from all around the world.

Of all the political books I have read my favorite isn’t Marx, Hobsbawn, Chomsky or Palast just to name a few.

My favorite political book is Yertle the Turtle by Dr Seuss.

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The Dowsing Rod

The title of my blog, The Dowsing Rod, originated from the novel Generation X by Douglas Coupland.

There is a very soulful piece of dialogue by one of the novels protagonists in which she talks about how one day she will walk through the desert with a dowsing rod, wandering lost and aimless, looking for nothing. She talks about how one day she will meet a man who is wandering with his own dowsing rod and when they meet, they will continue to wander together. Read More

Snoopers Charter: The growth of the legislative dictatorship 

This week in the UK Theresa May has finally pushed through The Snoopers Charter.

In a week where MPs used the death of Fidel Castro to condemn mass surveillance and the self righteousness of politicians to put themselves above the laws they govern, UK MPs have become hypocrites.

The introduction of the Snoopers Charter aka The Investigatory Powers Bill will allow over 20 government organisations to access your Internet search history at will. So be it the Gambling commission or the Welsh Assembly, your Internet history is up for grabs like a buffet at a low entertainment party.

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