Gibson: An Early Tribute

I write the following article from the stand point of a musician who has been playing guitar for eight years.
I am saddened to hear today the news that world famous luthiers, Gibson is $560 million in debt.
Gibson was the sound of the sixties.
From Tony Iommi’s (Black Sabbath) Gibson SG to Jimmy Pages (Led Zeppelins) Les Paul, Gibson became one of the most iconic guitar brands of all time. Their versatility held no bounds as blues musicians, pop stars and heavy metal axemen all turned the Gibson to their own ends.
To this day we still see rock guitar legends such as Zakk Wylde and Slash rocking the Gibson tone.
The loss of Gibson will be one of the final goodbyes to the decade that changed the world.

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Black Sabbath; Iron Men!

Today on Saturday 4th February Black Sabbath will be performing their last concert with the original line up (not including Bill Ward).

For metal fans around the world this is a historical day as the band that created the heavy sound say farewell to career that has spanned roughly half a century.

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