Tory 2020 – A Poem

The year’s 2020
The NHS is long gone
But who cares about health when you can see The Bake Offs new scone?

The dementia tax succeeded
There’s more dead on our sheets
But who cares about age when you can still watch Coronation street?

Brexit has failed
Bojo fucked up
But who cares about trade when you’ve got the world cup?

Who cares about our country
When we’ve got tv
In the new land of the lost, no one is free

Writing Target

Goal: Can I write 25’000 words in a month.

Whilst less than 1’000 words a day might seem easy to some, I have work and my activism for the Labour party to contend with.

What this means I am staying up until two in the morning to work on my writing.

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Black Sabbath; Iron Men!

Today on Saturday 4th February Black Sabbath will be performing their last concert with the original line up (not including Bill Ward).

For metal fans around the world this is a historical day as the band that created the heavy sound say farewell to career that has spanned roughly half a century.

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Les Miserables; There are no useless words

“Victor Hugo spends too much time going into detail about things that don’t need explaining”

This is what I hear every time I approach the subject of Victor Hugos divine epic, Les Miserables, with my friends.

Whilst I can imagine over a dozen dissertations have been written to debate this thought, I am going to punk my way through my thoughts on Victor Hugos masterpiece, albeit not as eloquently as those students before me.

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A Play Before Christmas

I’ve finished writing another play.

The play is the same one I referred to in my post, Changes; Exit Stage Right, which I hoped to finish by Christmas. I did it by the 23rd of December which I’m happy about. The downside though it’s that instead of having a day off I have decided to start another project (another play).

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Why Horror

Recently I had the pleasure of watching The Human Centipede. A brilliantly sick tale of surgery and domination set against modern day Germany.

This has inspired me to write about the horror film genre.

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