Cancer Awareness

I never talk about my health online, but I want to now as it might help some people.
Earlier this week I found a lump near one of my testicles. I went to the Drs in case it was cancer and thankfully it’s simply turned out to be a swollen vein.

What i’m trying to say is check yourself. And if you find something don’t be embarrassed about going to the Drs.

I was lucky because it could have been cancer but I wouldn’t have known if I hadn’t gone to the Drs.

The Dr who saw me for a consultation today said “he’d rather spend 10 minutes and it be nothing, than 4 hours because it’s cancer”.

The NHS gets a lot of heat but it’s doing amazing things against remarkable odds, inside and outside the organisation.

I’m not embarrassed to tell you this because to me, if one of you do take my advice and do find something, then at least you’ve caught it early. I’ll take a little humility over someone getting a terminal illness anyday.


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